Friday, May 27, 2016


Expletives echo off the walls of North Santiam Hall 207 as a dragon systematically roasts and devours six valiant heroes, bringing their month-long quest to an end.

But that’s just another day at LBCC’s RPG (role-playing game) Club, where a tight-knit group of friends spend their afternoons exploring mystical lands of wonder, conquering formidable foes dwelling in dank dungeons, and desperately resisting the urge to kill each other’s characters along the way.

Starting summer term, the club will be meeting every Monday from noon to 3 p.m. in Red Cedar Hall room 116.

“I just love the flexibility of tabletop role-playing games,” said club representative Nik Geier. “You can do whatever comes into your imagination, so there’s a huge amount of tactics and improvising.”

Geier has occupied the role of club leader and game master since the beginning of spring term, mostly running campaigns through the tabletop staple “Pathfinder.”

“We’ve played other games. A member actually developed her own gaming system after a manga she liked, so for a while we traded off between that and 'Pathfinder'.” We also dipped a bit into the 'Serenity' RPG, and that was a lot of fun,” said Geier.

Although a mutual love for role playing is what first brought the RPG club together, the friendly atmosphere is what keeps its members coming back.

“I love the gaming, but the best part is just getting together with friends and having a good time,” said member Jordan Eade.

“We laugh together, we share the joy of victory, and it’s basically a second family,” said Nicholas Carrol.

But the RPG Club is always looking for new players, and its long-time members are eager to accommodate anyone unfamiliar with the hobby.

“Just hold no preconceptions, jump in with both feet, and ask for as much help as necessary from a veteran player,” said Mattie Guilliams.

Phil Rezanow is one such veteran, with over 20 years of tabletop gaming experience.

“I'm easily the oldest person in the group at 40, but the group was very welcoming and I leave each session excited for the next week,” said Rezanow.

And now would be the perfect time to join, as the RPG Club is just about to kick off a brand new campaign around “Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition.”

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said Daniel Brockgreitens.

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Adviser: Rob Griffin

Representative: Nik Geier

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  1. Glad you were able to join us! Thank you for the awesome writeup!